Magic City Makeover

ADAC Community Counseling is committed to serving our community through face-to-face and telephone counseling for families and individuals that cannot otherwise afford such services. We provide professional counseling support in areas of stress, anger, relationships, addictions and other emotional areas, with the goal of returning to the community, a mentally healthy and well adjusted family or individual.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

We serve individuals who are hurting, need direction, coping skills and hope. We offer professional counseling to those who are unable to pay the normal fees demanded by “retail” practices. We charge on a sliding fee scale, beginning at $15.00 per session. We have never turned anyone away because they could not afford to pay. Our counselors help with depression, anxiety, marriage issues, problems with adolescents, addiction, anger, etc. We also help children and teenagers who have issues with self-esteem, bullying, anxiety, etc. Everyone needs a little help now and then. That’s what we do.

What makes your organization unique?

We are local, we are small, we are personal and we are focused on helping in any way we can. If we do not offer the precise services an individual needs, we assist them in finding that help elsewhere. We are not a “referral agency,” with a list of qualified providers we do not know. We know our counselors, their specialties, their personalities, their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, we can better match the client with the counselor who will be of most help to them.

Also, we offer EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), which has proven to be extremely effective for a wide range of disorders including chronic pain, phobias, depression, panic attacks, eating disorders, poor self-image, stress, worry, stage fright, performance anxiety, recovery from sexual abuse and traumatic incidents. PTSD victims respond very well to this therapy.

Tell us why your organization deserves to win Uptick’s Marketing Magic City Makeover Competition!

For an agency that has helped so many for so many years, we have been “knocked down” a number of times over the last several years. Because of several decisions made by our board of directors, we are in the midst of a “fresh start,” with a new board comprised of people who are passionate about what we do and who want to help us move into the next stage of serving our community and helping people in need. We are really starting over in many ways. I would be happy to explain in more detail the struggles of our recent journey, but suffice it to say, we need your help. If we are fortunate enough to win this most excellent award, we will put it to good use, and many hurting people will be given hope and purpose.

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