online marketing agencyThe mission of the Birmingham Pledge is to inspire people worldwide to end racism one person at a time. It is a personal, daily commitment to treat all people with dignity and respect and to remove prejudice from our own lives, as well as the lives of others.

Since its inception in 1997, beginning with individuals in Birmingham, Alabama, people on every continent have signed the Pledge and the total number of signatures is now in the hundreds of thousands.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

The Birmingham Pledge is Birmingham, Alabama‚Äôs way to share with the world our community’s commitment to eliminate prejudice in the lives of all people. However, the Birmingham Pledge serves people from all walks of life to assist in promoting diversity and unity. Faith based organizations, corporations, neighborhoods and communities, athletic teams, children, teens, and adults can all access the Birmingham Pledge and use it as a tool for team building or as an opportunity to help heal division within groups through Pledge drives and participating in Pledge awareness events. In partnership with Southern Poverty L aw Center and their Teaching Tolerance program, The Birmingham Pledge is used as a lesson plan for teachers to assist with diversity, equality and race relation education.

What makes your organization unique?

Time Magazine has referenced the Birmingham Pledge Foundation as one of the United States most respected antiracism organizations. The principles of the Birmingham Pledge are what set it apart from so many organizations that work in the area of race relations. The Pledge is non-confrontational. It offers a very simple solution to the problem of racism that plagues our country and much of the world.

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As you look over our current website, you will notice that it is a one page set up for signatures only. All of our printed materials are dated as well as any videos that you may be able to access. The Birmingham Pledge is almost 20 years old and it needs a makeover to appeal to a new generation of people who want to make a positive change in the area of race relations.

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