It is our mission to inspire, empower, and encourage young men to discover their passion and purpose in life. We will challenge them to unlock their true passion that is rooted in the cultivation of our four principles: Education, Heritage, Manhood, and Leadership. We will challenge them to be positive decision makers and explode all stereotypes; sending them out into the world not only as productive young men of society, but successful, responsible, informed, and noble young leaders of a new world, their world!

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

Our organization mentors young men of Birmingham failing School (Smith Middle School) We also provide after school tutoring and seminars to young men in the Centerpoint Community.

What makes your organization unique?

Our program is unique because we meet people where they are in life. We build relationships with the parents to help build better households and communities. Our program recognize that most young men are being raised by single mothers, so we require parental involvement. By establishing clear communication our parents feel comfortable calling on our mentors 24/7 for assistance if needed.

Our mentors have consistent touch points with our students as well as the parents on the days that we are not in the school. We also take them on trips. This past month we took our young men as well as the parents to Atlanta, Georgia during spring break weekend and most of them had never been out of town prior us taking them. We interact with them frequently and consistently. As a result, those that don’t have a male figure in their life are exposed to a diverse group of men in all walks of life. Prior to us starting this program, most of the boys wanted to be rappers or athletes because the only men they were exposed to were on TV and appeared to be successful. We are exposing them to men in every industry possible and teaching them to find their own way.

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C4 is dedicated to the betterment of Birmingham’s future leaders by offering positive alternatives to the perils of gang life. We want to promote the value of education in Birmingham’s most impecunious neighborhoods and school systems.¬†With the proper marketing campaign in place and a partnership with Uptick Marketing, we can impact the lives of many more than we are able to at the present time.

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