The Deep South Cancer Foundation exists to overcome the everyday barriers that cancer creates. Through strategic partnerships at the local level, we are able to provide simple and direct solutions for easy access to needed resources.
We believe people should not have to make the choice between everyday life and fighting cancer. Having access to resources that facilitate transportation, parking, lodging, and food empowers individuals to fight. Without these resources it is difficult to concentrate on what matters most–beating cancer.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

Because of our partnership with UAB and the 12 UAB Health System Cancer Community Network members, we are able to work with hospitals across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Mississippi to identify individuals and families that are battling cancer and struggling financially. There is a strong correlation between fixed incomes and an inability to pay for daily expenses and medical bills during treatment. Financial barriers as simple as transportation, groceries, and lodging can affect all types of cancer patients at any age. Over 50% of the patients receiving treatment at UAB alone will travel more than 50 miles to receive treatment. These patients have a distinct challenge of both traveling to treatment and finding a place to stay while receiving treatment and being unable to work for weeks on end. Individuals and families with financial challenges are often highly stressed and unable to focus on their fight against cancer.

The DSCF partner hospitals all have established cancer patient navigator programs that work directly with patients in their communities to help them overcome their individual barriers to care. Through these professional patient navigation teams, the Deep South Cancer Foundation can quickly and easily identify patients with the greatest support needs and assure that available funding is used appropriately to help meet those needs.

What makes your organization unique?

In the Deep South areas that we serve, an estimated 70,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed per year. Cancer is not selective; it affects every area of an individual’s life, and daily necessities easily become barriers to treatment and healing. One-third of these patients are threatened with bankruptcy because of medical bills; everyday life expenses such as transportation, buying groceries, and lodging quickly add up, which results in impossible financial challenges. Financial instability contributes heavily to a patient’s hopelessness amidst hardship and the inability to access treatment.

Further, many organizations that exist to address similar vulnerabilities are segmented in their care; the organizations only address one type of cancer or need. Additionally, many of these organizations are at capacity and cannot support the demand. This leaves large groups of individuals living underrepresented and without necessities. We seek to come alongside local organizations and businesses to bridge the gap between individuals with cancer and transportation, groceries, and lodging.

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We believe that our organization is actively making a difference in the lives of cancer patients here in the Magic City, but there is room for improvement especially in our digital space. With correct marketing, we will be able to positively impact more individuals and families battling cancer by spreading our message and creating better access to resources. Improved marketing will progress our community involvement with advanced reach to donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries.

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