The mission of the Cooperative Downtown Ministries, Inc. (the corporation) is to provide to homeless men, ages 18 and older, in the Birmingham Area a nurturing and caring environment offering supportive services that break the cycle of homelessness and empower individuals to achieve their highest potential.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

The Firehouse Shelter serves more homeless men than any agency in the state of Alabama and operates the broadest, most comprehensive continuum of services for Birmingham’s homeless. At the heart of our mission are chronic hard-core homeless men, 90% of whom come from the Birmingham metro area.

Nearly 67% of the men who enter our doors are chronically homeless, which means that they have been homeless at least 4X in the past 3 years or have spent at least one year straight living on the streets (park bench, abandoned building, parked car, an alley way, etc). It is documented that 30% of these men have a diagnosed severe mental illness. Some estimates place the mental illness numbers as high as 70%.

What makes your organization unique?

-Only homeless men’s emergency shelter with no time limit on length of the stay.

-Lunch is served at 11:30 am every day and is open to the entire homeless community of Birmingham.- we serve over 120,000 meals every year!

-Largest Day Shelter program for homeless men in Birmingham- this helps keep people off the streets and out of inclement weather.

-Alabama’s only Safe Haven/ low barrier permanent housing program that works with homeless men suffering from a severe mental illness (SMI). All guests must have a documented serious mental illness (SMI).

– All housing is housing first- we take men off the streets and put them into safe, secure housing REGARDLESS of their ability to pay, and then we surround them with supportive services.

– We accept everyone. We do not discriminate.

Tell us why your organization deserves to win Uptick’s Marketing Magic City Makeover Competition!

We need Uptick because Birmingham needs us. We do exactly what we say we do with total transparency. We serve a huge amount of desperate people with a little budget, a budget which we chose to spend on service instead of marketing. Winning this competition will allow us to help even more people, which is our only goal. The revitalization of Birmingham is amazing- but we have to take all people forward or it won’t last. This makeover will allow us to reach more people and serve the homeless even better. Ask yourself this question: Do you want to help an organization that clearly demonstrates need, awesome success rates, and a dedication to those who are truly desperate? If the answer is yes, then the Firehouse is the right organization for you to assist.

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