We believe in sharing quality coffee that is honorably sourced and has a beautiful story to tell about those who labored to provide it. Seeds coffee company began when a group of friends started roasting coffee in their kitchen using a Whirly pop popcorn roaster. What started out as a hobby quickly grew into a passion for the many processes and steps that go into a great cup of coffee. We seek sustainability, excellence, and equality in the whole process from crop to cup. What we have learned through trial and error, visits to origin, and a bit of nerdy brew science has continually pushed us to value this resource and those who produce it. And being community-focused at our core, we seek to share not only coffee but all aspects of life with one another.

Who does your organization benefit/serve?

We serve both the local Birmingham community and coffee farmers around the world. First, we seek to honor the farmer through ethical trade. We have developed relationships with various coffee origins around the world, including Laos, Indonesia, and Guatemala. By partnering with them and buying their coffee at a fair price to roast and sell here in the States, we are playing an important part of the sustainability of their work and lives. Our shop in Birmingham also serves the local community. We opened our first shop not only to share the coffee that we roast, but to provide a culture and atmosphere where community can gather, networking can develop, and life can be shared through togetherness. Our team partners with local community development initiatives, inspires young entrepreneurs, and supports other local businesses.

What makes your organization unique?

We are unique because we are operating as a community-focused non-profit in a typical profit-driven and success-driven business world. We are set apart from other businesses because our goals focus on using the resource of coffee for the sake of others. We do not exist to build our company’s success for our own gain, but we see that success comes where we can serve communities both locally and abroad. We hold highly people and fight to value them because we believe they are important. We are conscious of our supply chain and actually do something about it. Not only are we changing the way we do business, but we raise awareness and lead by example so that others can act as well to cause change as well.

Tell us why your organization deserves to win Uptick’s Marketing Magic City Makeover Competition!

We work hard at what we do and what we do has a direct impact not only in our city but also around the world. We are honest people who look to serve the greater good of our community. We believe that our business brings an element of good to the business world and the Birmingham area that would be sorely missed if we did not do what we do. We would not use this makeover as mere benefit to business or success or financial gain, but the benefits of marketing and advertising would be used to further how we help the farmer at origin and continue to build up the greater Birmingham community.

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