Abby Edema

Customer Success Specialist

While Abby was growing up in Nashville, Tennessee, she spent most of her free time writing with her best friend. We’re talking plays, comedy sketches, commercials, TV shows, and even a newspaper that reported all the riveting goings-on with their pets and families.

In high school, teenage Abby turned those reporting and entertaining skills up a notch, serving as Junior Class President (Prom Planner!) and editor-in-chief of the school yearbook—and she was the only girl on the track team. She humbly says she was only given the opportunity to do so many things because she attended a pretty small school, but we’re pretty sure it’s because she’s just that dang good.

After high school, Abby headed to Auburn University, where she met her husband. Abby and George have been married now for more than 20 years and have three amazing children, one orange Tabby cat (Opie), and two chickens (Winnie Cooper and Kitty Bennet—there was also a Lydia Bennet, but, fittingly, she ran off).

With all this experience in leading, writing, and keeping up with the comings and goings of three very busy teenagers (and apparently a rogue chicken), it’s no surprise that Abby brings some major skills in her role as Customer Success Specialist for our Business Development team.

And when Abby’s not at the office, you’ll probably find her baking, playing one of the millions of board games her family owns (seriously, call her if you need to borrow something!), watching Marvel movies, or educating their kids on the classic teen movies of the 90s.

Fun fact from her office roomie:
Abby often talks to herself in third person; it’s best not to interrupt
Favorite lunch spot:
Taco Mama
Favorite Treat:
Dark Chocolate or chocolate chip cookies