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SEO is made up of multiple moving parts that work together, and no one has a firmer grasp on that concept than Anna. With a background in dance, Anna has long understood the importance of staging, costuming, and lighting for a performance, and while the elements of SEO look a little different (fewer tutus, for one thing), the idea is the same: Great search engine optimization requires a lot of strategy that might not be immediately obvious to the casual observer. But it’s not just Anna’s strategic skills that make her an invaluable part of our team; it’s also her ability to create compelling content around a solid SEO framework, resulting in optimal results for our clients.

When she’s not in the Uptick office, Anna enjoys spending time outside and reading creative nonfiction. She also speaks Spanish as a second language, teaches local dance classes, and takes advantage of every brunch opportunity that comes her way.

Favorite TV Show:
Mad Men
She's Been Compared To:
A deer - "I startle easily."
Please Don't Ever Make Her:
Run another half marathon