You probably haven’t known many people who accidentally discovered that they had a second citizenship in Belgium, but if you’ve met Anthony Cooper, then you know at least one. A Belgian by birth, Anthony has an understandable appreciation for chocolate and waffles, but his Floridian upbringing ignited his love for fresh seafood (not that chocolate and waffles don’t have their place on the Gulf Coast, too!). After living basically everywhere in the continental United States, Anthony settled in Birmingham and seems quite happy here, as far as we can tell.

Anthony’s childhood interests read like a list of team-building activities at summer camp: Bike riding, tree climbing, dune hopping (“You climb to the top of a big sand dune and just hop your way down”), tackle football, Taekwondo sparring, and playing the tuba, which is less “summer camp” and more “band camp,” but it has the same energy. He wanted to grow up to be a superhero, preferably Batman or Superman, but an X-Man would do in a pinch.

He may not wear a cape, but Anthony is a superhero of sorts—especially to our nonprofit clients. As a young man, Anthony watched his dad use the power of marketing and PR to sustain and scale a struggling nonprofit that then went on to help thousands of people in the community. Inspired by the complete transformation his dad brought about for that organization, Anthony started his own adventure into the world of nonprofit marketing and business development.

Anthony spent 15 years working with Jimmie Hale Mission, where he led six multi-site directors of cross-functional teams and directed the organization’s development, PR, marketing, programs, and operations. He also served as the Chief Public Relations Officer at The Foundry, guiding the organization’s PR and marketing efforts, as well as their brand development and public awareness strategies. He has spent years consulting for various nonprofits and has helped countless organizations not just continue with their expected level of success, but actually reach heights they previously thought impossible.

Today, Anthony works as one of Uptick’s marketing consultants, but with a unique focus on nonprofit organizations. Although it’s not his real job title, “Nonprofit Whisperer” is how we casually refer to him when introducing him to someone in the nonprofit sector; not only does he understand how to craft a customized digital strategy that actually delivers results, he also understands the particular nuances of a nonprofit organization because he worked in the trenches for nearly three decades. From fundraising tactics to strategic media relations and everything in between, he knows how to get the job done!

A graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Full Sail University, Anthony also holds leadership credentials from Board Source, John Maxwell Team, and Society for Nonprofit Organizations in partnership with Michigan State University. Most recently, Anthony became a Certified Storybrand Guide. This qualifies him to help Uptick’s clients clearly communicate who they are, what they do, and why it matters by walking them through a proven process to refine their business messaging.

When he’s not working, Anthony enjoys spending time with his wife, their two kids, one Boston terrier, and a Pembroke Welsh corgi. He has a habit of talking in a mobster accent whenever someone calls him by his nickname, “Little Tony,” but we’re not worried about it—he’s from Belgium, not Italy. There’s no such thing as the Belgian mafia… right?

Greatest Hero:
His dad
Fastest Humor-Killer:
Laugh tracks on sitcoms
Leftover Habit from His Middle-School Band Days:
Walking to the beat of whatever music is playing