A former Girl Scout and cheerleader, Ashley has always loved helping people and cheering them on to be their best selves. It’s this desire to serve others, combined with her kind and cheerful personality that makes her one amazing Marketing Coordinator for our non-profit clients.

Born in Atlanta, Ashley had dreams of one day becoming an attorney, but lucky for us, and thanks to an elective class she took during her time at Kennesaw State, Ashley changed her mind. It was in this class that Ashley fell in love with marketing and the idea that a great marketing plan can shape a company’s image and help it stand out from the competition. There she goes with that helping thing again!

At the office, you’ll probably find Ashley singing - a lot or maybe accidentally winking at someone. It’s just a friendly reminder that she’s there for you, nothing more, she promises!

When Ashley’s not at the office, helping out our non-profit clients, you’ll probably find her at church, on a nice hike, or maybe even at a concert or festival.

Sweetest answer we’ve ever gotten:
I have a teddy bear I always sleep with.
Favorite candy:
Sour Patch Kids
Favorite lunch spot: