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Caleb Shaver

Caleb believes in being part of a team that’s united behind one purpose: delivering results for clients. That’s why he enjoys being a Project Manager. Caleb loves to meet with different clients and build relationships with them so that he can understand their businesses. A background in business administration helps him to develop an intimate understanding of what makes a business’s marketing tick.

When Caleb isn’t working, you can find him behind a drum set at his church. He’s been playing drums for 10 years, ever since he was in his high school band, and he is the closest thing Uptick has to a rock star. He also enjoys the Indiana Jones trilogy (the fourth movie never existed) and spending time with his wife and their adorable daughter.

Most Embarrassing Moment:
An unfortunate bathroom incident involving my Grandparents’ yard...
His Band Name Would Be:
Barry and the Mani-Lowtones
If He Won the Lottery He’d…:
Buy a genie so he could win all the lotteries.