Elizabeth Langston

Customer Success Manager

It's rare to find an extremely organized artist, but here we are. Or rather, here Elizabeth is.

In her role as Customer Success Manager, Elizabeth is responsible for a lot of processes that involve spreadsheets, calendars, and email templates—processes she built herself, by the way. Before she joined the Business Development team, it had been a one-man show (that man being Jerry), but Uptick's growth was outpacing what Jerry could handle by himself. Elizabeth's skills in organization, process development, and follow-through were a perfect match for the company's needs, and having her around has allowed us to reach heights of success we never would have reached otherwise.

Given everything we've said so far, you would probably assume that Elizabeth is a very left-brained person with no time or energy for creativity. The truth is that she's one of the most artistic people at Uptick, creating beautiful hand-lettered Welcome signs for new client kickoff meetings and practicing her own art at home. She loves to make art journals and fun graphics, often including lines from Scripture or a gorgeous floral design (and if you ask nicely, she'll make you a custom iPhone background).

Back in her hometown of Dadeville, Alabama, Elizabeth attended "a teeny 2A school" that provided many extracurricular opportunities. We didn't even know it was possible to be a cheerleader in Kindergarten, but Elizabeth was one. She also played the flute, participated in Color Guard, was a member of Future Farmers of America... the list goes on and on. As a child, Elizabeth wanted to be an orthodontist, but she's not really sure where that came from; her best guess is that it just sounded cool and she figured it probably paid well. It only took a few science classes to convince her that this wasn't the right career path, and she began looking for other options.

After a year spent networking in the ministry world, Elizabeth met a friend at church who worked with Uptick and thought she'd be a great fit for a new position that had opened up. That friend was one of our Marketing Consultants, and he was right—she was the perfect fit, we hired her, and the rest is history.

Outside of the office, Elizabeth loves to spend time with her husband and their daughter. She also enjoys hanging out with her Maltipoo, Theo.

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