Elizabeth Langston, our dedicated Customer Success Manager, comes to us with a hybrid degree in writing, communications, and culture from the University of Alabama. Elizabeth’s time is dedicated to managing our sales team’s schedules (a large undertaking!) and ensuring customer satisfaction from the very first meeting with our team. Her hobbies include (but are not limited to) painting, hand-lettering, and teaching art classes.

Because of her academic background, Elizabeth spends most of her time compiling information for proposals and communicating with clients after their first meetings with Uptick. She also helps with blog editing as her schedule allows.

Household appliance she would be…:
Keurig - Because coffee is always a warm welcome
Names she hates to be called…:
Ellie, Beth or anything other than Elizabeth
Animals that are so cute they can make her cry…:
Dachshund puppies or quokkas (Google it!)