Hannah Grimes

Operations Administrator

Hannah is a proud member of three unofficial Uptick clubs: the former band nerds, the former aspiring veterinarians, and the Disney enthusiasts. She didn't really mean to work at Uptick; it just sort of happened as a natural consequence of A) her willingness to fill in for her sister, Elizabeth, while she was on maternity leave, and B) our refusal to let her go once Elizabeth was back.

We all know the joy of graduating during a worldwide pandemic. There's nothing like a global health crisis to open up a whole cornucopia of job opportunities, right? Well, shockingly, Hannah didn't have much luck finding anything in her major (Family Services) after graduation, so she moved back home to Dadeville and worked wherever she could. Filling in for her sister during maternity leave was supposed to be just that—filling in—but then she didn't want to leave, and we basically locked the door and told her she couldn't even if she wanted to, and long story short, she became our first-ever Marketing Coordinator and then moved on up to Operations Administrator.

One of Hannah's most questionable talents is the ability to quote almost every Disney movie from memory, which makes her the perfect office-mate for BJ. She's also very into baking, which makes her the perfect enabler for those of us who have trouble saying "no" to desserts. She's an outdoorsy person who always has her Eno ready for the next camping trip, but she's cool hanging out inside, too—she'll play a board game with you even though she usually loses because she likes the quality time.

When she's not at the office, you'll probably find Hannah editing her MySpace page from back when she was 11 years old (oh yes, we found it) or watching a classic cheesy movie like Hot Rod or The Pink Panther. She also loves to spend time with her family playing kickball, selling fireworks, or watching one of the aforementioned cheesy movies.

Lil' Baby Hannah
Salutatorian of her class
Dance Dance Revolution