Hannah Edwards

SEO Specialist

As an SEO Specialist, Hannah helps businesses rank as high as possible in search results. She understands just how important it is for a brand to have a visible organic ranking, and she uses her skills gained from earning a degree in English (with concentrations in public relations and leadership) to construct strategies and tactics to boost rankings. Her contributions to the team include content development, keyword research, and SEO development.

As a native of Colorado, Hannah has an affinity for hiking, climbing mountains, and other outdoorsy activities. She also writes poetry and served as editor-in-chief of Troy University’s literary magazine, The Rubicon. Her motto: “Humor is always good. You should always be able to laugh at yourself.”

Hannah Edwards
Scariest Moment
Being shot by a neighbor with .22 rat-shot (it was an honest mistake)
Dream She Hasn’t Quite Given Up On
Being a published author
If She Were a Food, She’d Be…
Pasta. “It’s versatile and people love it.”

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