First impressions are everything, but don’t worry—Jacob will make you and your business look good. As one of our resident SEO nerds, Jacob specializes in working with clients to optimize their local business listings and make sure they are complete and polished in the eyes of Google, Yelp, Bing, and more.

If you're dazzled by his smile, it's probably because young Jacob used to brush his teeth four times per day while dreaming of a career in dentistry. He still loves going to the dentist, but his passion for great messaging steered him into a marketing career instead. (Be sure to read the highlights at the bottom of this page for a fun fact about Jacob's teeth.)

One of the most interesting things about Jacob is how he started working with us. It began with an internship at Infomedia, our sister company, which morphed into a co-internship at Uptick, too. We didn't have any positions open when Jacob graduated, but he just kept showing up and working hard—and if we started talking about possibly needing someone full-time, Jacob made sure his hat was in the ring. There aren't a lot of people out there who will just keep showing up at the place where they want to work until they get hired, so Jacob's tenacity got our attention. We ultimately hired him (obviously), and we see that same tenacity in his everyday work with our Local SEO clients.

When he’s not tinkering with processes or optimizing a Google My Business listing, you’ll find Jacob—well, you might not be able to find him, actually—traveling all over the place. He loves discovering new restaurants, most recently in Florida. When he isn’t busy picking up new hobbies like photography and web development, he’s probably playing video games. Jacob recently got married to his wife, Savannah, and they have two cats named Kevin and Larry.

Number of Baby Teeth He Still Has:
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Talking at the speed of light