Jodi Burrus

SEO Specialist

Undoubtedly, one of Boldo, Alabama’s biggest pride and joys (other than the one caution light in town) is Uptick’s SEO Strategist, Jodi Burrus.

Jodi spent her entire childhood singing. Whether it was Show Choir, All State Choir, Honor Choir, or ACE (a.k.a Alabama Choral Explosion), it was pretty much all choir all the time for young Jodi. But when it came to envisioning her life’s path, she was convinced hieroglyphics, pyramids, and hidden tombs were going to play a huge role.

Sadly, Indiana Jones never called, so she considered a few other paths. When Samuel Becket ruined English for her and International Finance helped her realize math was definitely a secondary skill, a savvy college counselor helped lead her to the fab world of marketing and we are so glad!

When Jodi isn’t at the office creating SEO Strategies for our clients, you may find her on a leisurely hike examining rocks, plants, and creepy-crawlies along the way. If rain messes up that plan, she may very well be in her PJs enjoying a big Netflix binge.

Jodi and her high school sweetheart, Jason, have been married 27 years and are the proud parents of four fabulous boys. All of those boys are currently on the verge of becoming Eagle Scouts, so every spare moment in the Burrus household is spent knee-deep in Eagle Project planning and execution. Rumor has it that the new pollinator habitats at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens will soon be installed courtesy of one of the Burrus boys and Troop 76-Vestavia.

Jodi may be outnumbered in a home of all males, but she is the undisputed Queen of all she surveys—unfortunately that is mostly dirty laundry, empty snack boxes, and mutilated dog toys, but she promises she wouldn't trade it for any other kingdom.

A random strong opinion:
Ketchup is an abomination; fries should be eaten with mayonnaise or mustard
Favorite candy or treat?:
Jelly Bellies (fruity ones are best) and plain M&Ms
Favorite place to eat lunch:
Anyplace with loads of veggies (or pho, or ramen, or sushi)