Lee Steely does it all. In her many years of experience, she’s dabbled in everything from local SEO and PPC campaigns to copywriting and social media management. Her current role as our Head of Digital Advertising allows her to focus on crafting effective digital ad strategies for our clients. Her favorite part of the job? “The thrill of the chase.”

Lee said it best when she described digital advertising as a constant churn of change, and loves the challenge of keeping up with every platform and algorithm shift. She's also pretty self aware, and knows that she fits in best with fellow weirdos—also known as us.

When she’s not writing ads, you’ll probably find her far away from anything digital. She loves to hike but, as a goal-oriented individual, adds a little something extra to her woodland strolls: plant identification. She has a small but notable repertoire of edible plants she can identify with confidence and, more importantly, knows which ones to avoid. As a self-proclaimed hobby-hopper, she also has a chest full of creative projects at home in various stages.

Weirdest Thing to be Eaten in Front of Her in a Vegas Casino:
A rose. A whole rose.
What She Gets Every Time She Flies:
A hangnail
Favorite Made-Up Holiday:
Galentine’s Day