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Griggs, Griggly Bear, Sausage McGriggle, Griggie Smalls—the list is probably endless. She’s our Madison 2.0, a content guru who flexes her expertise through blogs, ads, website content, and more. Her ability to creatively and confidently tell our clients’ stories makes her perfect for this role.

Madison comes to Uptick with a background in journalistic writing, but if you’re wondering how she cranks out over 40 blogs a month, you can attribute that to her forearm strength she gets from rock climbing. If she’s not at her desk, you’ll likely find Madison at First Avenue Rocks or Birmingham Boulders. One day, you might even catch her free soloing El Capitan (stay tuned).

Favorite Fictional Character:
Draco Malfoy—Slytherins are not evil by nature, and Madison is ready to prove it to you.
If Madison were an animal…:
She’d be a fox: cute and cuddly, but will definitely bite you.
Life-Altering Sea Interaction:
Stepped on a stingray (not recommended)