Manny Jackson

Marketing Coordinator

Manny’s passion for marketing began during his time at Eufaula High School, where he studied both marketing and business, and eventually realized—hey, this stuff isn’t so bad. He’s always been interested in learning things and got involved in a wide variety of activities during his school years, including piano, karate, band, basketball, and theatre productions.

This affinity for learning new skills and exploring different opportunities serves him well in his role as Marketing Coordinator. On any given day, Manny can be found communicating with clients, securing assets and login information, helping to reconcile advertising budgets, following up on production tasks, and much more.

When he’s not working at the office, Manny enjoys doing a lot of different things (which probably doesn’t come as a surprise). He loves playing basketball, going to coffee shops, listening to podcasts, and—if he’s feeling particularly adventurous—riding those electric scooters downtown.

Favorite Beverage:
Upsetting Childhood Habit:
Staring directly at the sun
Known Around the Office For:
Never catching anything Jerry throws to him