Mary Helen Terry

Digital Advertising Specialist

Mary Helen can be added to the ridiculously long list of Uptickians who originally wanted to be a veterinarian when they grew up. We have no idea why there’s such a strong tie with digital marketers and the animal world, but we’re sure there’s a joke in there somewhere.

Thankfully, Mary Helen had a change of heart someplace along the way and shifted her focus from the animal world to the land of marketing, earning her degree in Communications Studies from a tiny school down the road known as The University of Alabama.

After graduation from Alabama, Mary Helen landed a job with a local ad agency. That position cemented her love for marketing and eventually led her to Uptick, where she serves on our Ads Team as a Digital Advertising Specialist.

A self-declared gym junkie, Mary Helen earned one of those 13.1 bumper stickers when she completed her first half marathon not too long ago. She has a goal to complete another in the near future, adding to her collection of stickers. You go, Mary Helen! You go and we will watch.

A major creature of comfort, Mary Helen will pretty much always have a blanket or large sweatshirt on for warmth and a cup of peppermint tea on her desk. The tea may get a little jealous of her emotional support water bottle: a green hydro flask that goes with her literally everywhere. Basically, Mary Helen’s all about the hydration life.

Known for her culinary skills, Mary Helen—along with her mini golden doodle, Pippa—regularly hosts dinner/game nights, treating friends and family to some killer homemade food. She and Pippa also live with 22 plants, each of which has its own name, obviously. Shout out to Monty the Monstera!

Most Random Purchase:
An inner ear cleaner that has Bluetooth so you can see the inside of your ear on your phone.
Hopes and Dreams:
Hiking Yellowstone or really anywhere out West and sleeping under the Northern Lights
Favorite treat:
Dark chocolate Kit Kats