Matt Spivak

Being a Marketing Consultant involves not only handling the day-to-day execution of a client’s marketing strategy, but also developing close relationships with the clients themselves. Matt’s outgoing and personable personality, combined with his knowledge of digital marketing strategy and tactics, makes him well-suited to help clients achieve success with their digital marketing. As a Marketing Consultant, Matt relies on copious amounts of experience working in marketing for brands such as Intermark and Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers to deliver superior outcomes for his clients and meet their objectives. And having a sense of humor like Matt’s doesn’t hurt, either.

Matt is a proud Birminghamian who went to Briarwood and Samford and has worked in the Magic City ever since graduating. He’s all about sports and loves competition, especially at cornhole in our office. He’ll eat just about anything, his favorite musical group is Dave Matthews Band, and he’ll talk about The Walking Dead endlessly until you become a zombie yourself.

Childhood Dream He’s Given Up On:
Playing quarterback in the NFL
Travel Buddy in Epic Cross-Country Road Trip:
George W. Bush - before he sobered up
Band Name in College:
The Dewey Varnell Show (“We sounded pretty good after a few beers.”)