Like many young southern athletes, Matt grew up with great aspirations of playing for the Atlanta Braves. He’s been involved in sports his whole life, and he swears that his baseball dreams could have all come true if his coach would have just put him in at State (“I could throw a baseball clean over them mountains!”).

Once he finally accepted that he probably wouldn't follow in Chipper Jones's footsteps, Matt began exploring other career avenues. He owes his interest in marketing to his role as his college fraternity’s Historian, which led to a connection with his future first boss and mentor. Years later, Matt is still in the marketing game, working as a Marketing Consultant for Uptick. His mind for strategy is truly outstanding—he’s an expert when it comes to evaluating the performance of a client’s current marketing methods and recognizing opportunities for even more success.

As far as office culture goes, Matt always makes sure we’re having fun even when the workload gets a little wild. If it’s Fantasy Football season, you better believe Matt’s got all of us making our draft picks, regardless of how much we know about football. Spontaneous debates about the best kind of fruit, the color of a coworker's shirt, or how a certain word is pronounced? There’s a poll coming our way to resolve the issue once and for all. Community is something Matt builds by default—it’s a part of his nature that comes out as a side effect of his buoyant personality, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

When he’s not digging into a client’s analytics at the office, Matt can usually be found spending time with his wife, Lauren, and their two kids. He also has two fur babies, a Maltese named Cinnamon and a Morkie (which is apparently a cross between a Maltese and a Yorkie) named Wally. They often join him on Google Meet calls, much to everyone’s delight, although we've yet to see them at the office... not sure what Matt's excuse is for that.

Panic Trigger:
One-word text replies from Jerry
Known for Wearing:
Cowboy boots to the office
Favorite Intimidation Tactic:
Steepling his fingers in a meeting