We don't pursue many people for full-time employment before they have even graduated college, but when we found Octavio, that's exactly what we did. With a skill set that includes technical SEO and front-end web development, there was a zero percent chance that we were going to let him get away from us, and now here he is—an SEO specialist who can also make your website look and function better.

With an associate's degree in IT from University of Central Florida and a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Auburn University, Octavio is well-equipped with the right education for this industry—but honestly, he was already ahead of the game before he graduated high school. He started working in SEO as a high school junior and began working full time in that field after graduation. He focused a lot on the dev side of things, but ultimately stuck with his first love of SEO. According to Octavio: "The web is huge! Might as well make it easier to navigate."

Octavio comes to us from the Dominican Republic via Oviedo, Florida. He now lives in Birmingham and works on-site with us, which is a tremendous blessing because he's one of the most delightful people you'll ever meet. As a child, Octavio wanted to be either a geneticist or a software developer; now, he sees video game programming in his future.

When he's not working to help our clients earn higher rankings in search engine results, Octavio can probably be found lifting weights, playing guitar (badly, he says), traveling, or downhill longboarding. He has a leopard gecko named Thoth and a daschund/beagle mix named Franklin.

Number of Near-Death Experiences Before Age 8:
At least six, but we lost count
Downhill Longboarding Speed Record:
35 mph
Favorite Coworkers to Speak Spanish With:
Carolina and Anne