Payton Kaloper


A recent Samford graduate with a degree in Marketing, Payton began her time with Uptick as one of our stellar college Interns. We loved Intern Payton so much that we asked her to become Copywriter Payton.

When Payton was growing up in Georgia, she dreamed of heading to the Big Apple and becoming a star on Broadway. We can totally see that! So it’s no surprise she was in theater in high school, but the fact that she also ran cross country just makes for a crazy cool balance of creativity and endurance that no doubt helps her when she’s writing those client blog posts.

Known at Uptick for her positive attitude and buoyant personality, when Payton's not at the office, you’ll probably find her baking (sometimes in the middle of the night—kids these days!), running, or hanging out with her friends and family.

Favorite things::
Flaming Hot Cheetos, Tazikis, and spending time with her family— although probably not in that order.
Biggest flex::
Being on the championship-winning intramural kick-ball team
Known around the office for::
Always having to “head out to go to class” around 2