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tim majors

When it comes to social media, Tim believes it's the quickest and easiest way to communicate a message and unite people from all over the world. Helping people talk to each other and get more involved is why Tim is a social media specialist at Uptick. Tim has a deep interest in the psychology of marketing, which helps him create messages that resonate for our clients and their audiences. He also has experience running social media for some of the area’s biggest up-and-coming musical groups.

After hours, Tim surrounds himself with music. He loves a little bit of everything, from Red Hot Chili Peppers to Kendrick Lamar, and believes the ideal band name is “Steak-like Objects.” He collects way too many records, books, and DVDs (“It’s becoming an issue.”), and when he’s not adding to his collection, you can probably find him eating tacos and partaking in revelry at Avondale Brewing.

Scariest Death-defying Experience:
Being stuck at the top of the 200-foot-tall Acrophobia ride
Best Piece of Life Advice:
Never use a Groupon for skydiving or laser eye surgery
Favorite Merit Badge Earned as an Eagle Scout: