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Victoria Hollis: champion of cute hair clips, master of head-to-toe thrifted outfits, renowned word slinger. As Uptick’s Copywriter, Victoria takes valuable information and makes it beautiful in the form of blogs and social media posts. She’s churning out 35 blogs a month for our clients—you can practically see the smoke coming off of her keyboard. With a background in English Secondary Education, Victoria is your go-to gal for all of your word-smithing needs. Her favorite part of the job? Writing! She loves nothing more than her writing routine—making a cup of coffee, sitting down at her tidy desk, and typing away.

When she’s not crafting informative stories, you can find Victoria shopping for more thrifted outfits, barre-ing, or coddling her dog, Libby. She swears by her eight-step skincare routine—if you’re nice to her, she just might let you in on it.

Knows a Lot of Useless Facts About::
The weather
Her Profession Title Besides Copywriter::
Hot Dog Enthusiast