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Great marketing is like a beautiful symphony directed by a knowledgeable, experienced conductor. Jason – better known as “W” – loves being the conductor of his clients’ marketing symphony because he appreciates a finely-tuned system working as planned. As a Marine, pastor, and former banking manager, W has a lifetime of diverse experiences that have taught him the skills and values he uses as a Marketing Consultant.

W is a proud father of four children. He loves traveling, and while he hasn’t been to every state, he’s been to all the "important ones." He’s a fan of hiking and camping, specifically at Oak Mountain State Park and Hurricane Creek. He’s also a self-described cinema connoisseur who thinks the best movie ever made is It’s a Wonderful Life. If you ask him nicely, he’ll play the banjo for you.

His Favorite Musical:
“My Fair Lady”
Who Would Win in a Fight: Magneto or Gandalf?:
Gandalf all day, every day
Character He’d Like to Play in a Movie:
William Wallace