The 10th Day of Online Marketing: Video Marketing

video marketing
Facebook videos alone receive over 4 billion views everyday from its less 2 billion monthly active users. See the potential? Video marketing across social media platforms has blown up this year. In review, here’s what we saw!

#1 Facebook LIVE Was Introduced.

As Mark Zuckerberg explained, “LIVE is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world.” Facebook LIVE gave users and businesses alike the ability to connect with other users in real time. By reacting to and commenting on LIVE videos, users were able to engage with others across the world in real time. Facebook users were able to learn industry tips and tricks from experts, catch the election debates in real time, and even just watch watermelons explode… Oh, the Internet.

#2 Facebook Messenger Launched a 6-Screen Group Video Chat Feature.

This one’s relatively new! In competition with apps like Houseparty, Facebook Messenger launched a split-screen group video chat feature as part of its messaging app. You can wear selfie masks like on Snapchat, and you can send texts and gifs at the same time. Though you can only see 6 at a time on your screen, you can have up to 50 users in one group message!

#3 Instagram Integrated Live Video and Disappearing Video.

More recently, within only the past two months, Instagram also introduced live video marketing to its platform, as a part of Instagram Stories. Celebrities, individual users, and businesses alike are already beginning to take advantage of this tool to reach a different set of demographics. Generally, the users found on Instagram are younger than on Facebook. So for businesses targeting a younger demographic, Instagram live video is a great way to engage with their audience.
Also through Instagram Stories, Instagram has made way for disappearing media much like Snapchat. You can now send individual videos, gifs, and photos to fellow users. After one view, that media disappears.

#4 Twitter Jumped on the Bandwagon.

Lastly, Twitter decided to join the live train as well. Twitter now allows live streaming directly through the app by incorporating software from Periscope.
P.S. It is rumored that Twitter will be live streaming pre-show events for the 2017 Golden Globes! This will be a great way for celebrities and media outlets to engage with fans, respond to tweets, and increase brand awareness.

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