The 12th Day of Online Marketing: Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Google Analytics can be a scary place if you’re new to it (honestly, even if you’re not new to it!). Charts, graphs, and numbers cover your screen. What does it all mean?!
In actuality, Google Analytics can be incredibly helpful for your business in terms of measuring return on investment and tailoring your strategy for improvement. 

Set Realistic Goals

Begin by setting realistic goals for your business. Then use the data you have gathered to tailor your strategy. Data does nothing for you if it does not match your intent. What are you trying to achieve? How can measuring the data you’ve aggregated help you reach that goal? What changes can you make to your strategy using the information you’ve gained from measuring that data? For more information on creating a tailored strategy for your business using data from Google Analytics, talk to one of our experts today!

Check Your Trends

Take note of trending patterns in traffic. When are people visiting your site most? Tailor your strategy in a way that boosts traffic particularly during those times. For example, if you post new blogs every Tuesday, and Tuesday is therefore the day your site receives most of its traffic, tailor your strategy to enhance the experience for visitors you know are visiting your site on Tuesdays.
Similarly, if a certain page keeps ranking highly in page visits, create more content like that content! Just look for trends, and don’t be afraid to follow them!

Connect Your Tools

Google is, without a doubt, the leader of web analytics tools. Recently, they introduced Google Analytics 360 Suite which offers 6 products in one tool! These tools help businesses find more customers by analyzing current success across multiple platforms. The suite offers interactive dashboards with insights and reports, and recently they have introduced Surveys.
Each and every Google tool can be helpful in improving your digital marketing strategy, if you use it correctly. If you haven’t already, connect your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts. You will find that all data from your Google products is now in one place. You can also see which keywords visitors are using to reach your site!

Still New to Google Analytics?

We’ve got you covered! We have years of experience with Google Analytics, and we actually kinda…secretly… love it. Let our team help your business gain a head start in 2017!  Contact Uptick Marketing today!

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