3 Reasons Why Your Videos Need Text

With approximately 70% of all business–to–business companies using some form of video in their overall marketing strategy, there is little doubt about the effectiveness of videos. In fact, videos are a great way to keep people on your website, with 88% of people spending more time on websites that include videos.
However, many people are making a crucial mistake when they have videos, but fail to provide corresponding text.
Here are three reasons why every video you post online should include a relatively thorough description of what is covered in the videos – the details definitely matter!
#1: The Limitations of Video
Despite all of its effectiveness, utilizing video alone is incredibly limiting and can ultimately lead to you missing your target audience.
For example, have you ever been somewhere browsing the internet on your phone (normally out of boredom, but sometimes out of technology addiction), and stumble across an article that you want to read – likely due to a catchy title?
You click on the article link only to find that you have stumbled upon a video. Unfortunately, you are unable to watch the video due to your surrounding environment (in a business meeting, at a restaurant, in a loud room, etc.). So, you scroll down and discover that there is no corresponding text to accompany the video; therefore, you are unable to view the information.
There is a slight chance that you will remember to watch the video later; however, chances are the video creator missed a huge opportunity to hook you by failing to provide text.
This, in a nutshell, is why videos by themselves are limiting.
#2: Search Engine Optimization
Along with the limitations of video, failing to provide text to go with your creation fails to take advantage of search engine optimization strategies that can help increase the chances that your video will actually be seen. When you create content (we recommend at least 300 words) to go with your video, you are able to include commonly searched keywords that will help you better reach your target audience.
#3: Clarity
Finally, text that goes with your video can help provide clarity. Taking a few minutes to create words that explain or reiterate key concepts from your video can help drive home your message to your target audience.
There is no doubt that video marketing is effective, especially in today’s digital world. However, in order to get the most out of your videos it is essential that you provide high-quality corresponding text that allows you to overcome the limitations of video, increase your search engine optimization efforts, and provide much-needed clarity to help better relay your message.
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