3 Social Media Tactics to Improve SEO for Your Business

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Search engines (like Google, Bing, and Yahoo) are always trying to determine what content is actually relevant, current, and trustworthy. They use a number of different techniques (or algorithms) to determine what every single page or blog on your website is about and whether or not it is relevant to your business.
In order for your website to show up in search results, Google (and other search engines) have to trust you and deem your content relevant to whatever is being searched by the user.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for your website, but it is a lot more complicated than just ensuring that specific keywords are spread throughout your website. In short, good SEO comes from having great and original website content with strategic keyword implementation, relevant and keyword-rich text on your images, proper SEO titles, and a variety of other on-page techniques.
However, the algorithms have made it abundantly clear that what is on your website is only part of the battle. Social media is one of the contributors to a website’s overall ability to show up in search results.
Below we break down three great social media habits that contribute positively to better search engine results, helping your business to be found online by your target audience – your potential customers.

Search Queries

Social media is typically used by companies to increase brand awareness. A successful social media plan will get your name in front of your target audience. This increase in brand awareness tends to directly affect the number of people searching for you and your products or services online.
Google (and other search engines) rewards sites with a higher quantity of searches with a higher ranked position in search results. There’s no denying that a strong social media campaign must be considered a part of your SEO blueprint.
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This year Google announced it would begin crawling Twitter to find relevant links for it’s search engine results. It would be nearly impossible for Google to stop and read the millions of tweets sent out every day, hour, and second; so, how does a tweet gain credibility?
Studies show that the number of followers a Twitter user has increases the likelihood that the tweet will show up in Google search results. Other contributing factors gaining Google’s attention are tweets with engaging visuals, trending hashtags, and links. Spending a little more time on Twitter could really pay off for your business.


Many people are arguing over the importance of using Google+ for their social media campaigns. Some people see Google+ as a failed Facebook wannabe, but others have discovered its hidden secrets.
Are people going to be posting their status updates, baby pictures, and political rants on Google+? No, but that isn’t a reason to stop being active.
Actively posting on a Google+ local page tells Google your company is legitimate and still in business. Google will also personalize results for members signed into their Google accounts.  Therefore, if one of your connections has clicked the +1 button on your Google local page, written a review, or mentioned what you are searching for then Google recognizes that connection as a trustworthy link and ranks your page higher on their search results.
Furthermore, Google has made it clear that it wants businesses to actively post updates on their business pages and that this tactic can help with search results.
You can read our blog on the Google and Twitter partnership to learn more about Twitter’s relevance for SEO.

Summary: Be Social

At the end of the day, social media is important for not only connecting with your target audience, but also helping your website have a higher chance of showing up in search results. Therefore, these things should be considered in your overall digital marketing strategy.
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