3 Tips for Internet Marketing for Dentists

How do today’s patients research their healthcare options? You know as well as we do that they use the Internet. The question is, when they look for a new dentist, and they plug their search terms into Google, are they finding your practice – or are they finding your competitors?
The answer to this question is essential, because if all your potential customers are finding other practices before they find yours, then you’re missing out on a lot of new business.
Read on for 3 tips for Internet marketing for dentists!

#1: Know the Stats.

Before you start plastering punny dentist jokes all over Facebook in hopes it will lead people to your clinic, you need to know HOW people are searching for your services and WHAT they are looking for. Check out the following stats:

  • 62% of smartphone owners have looked up information about a health condition on their phone in the past year. The moral of that story? A mobile-friendly responsive website is a must. Google will favor you over a competitor whose website isn’t responsive – and potential clients will see you first.
  • Out of all the patients who found a physician and/or a private practice on their mobile device, 44% of them scheduled an appointment. That means that people who are researching doctors are likely to be looking for an appointment sooner rather than later, and you want your practice to get those appointments.
  • 62% of patients used online reviews to find their new doctor. (Important side note: 26% of insured patients are okay with seeing a doctor outside of their insurance network if that doctor has better reviews than the ones of an in-network physician.)
  • 41% of people claim that social media affects their choice of doctor. And speaking of social media, when it comes to the 18-24 crowd, 90% of them trust medical information they see on social media.

So now that you know these numbers… what are you supposed to do next?

#2: Invest in Great SEO for Dentists.

You know that Google favors mobile-friendly, responsive websites. And according to Moz Local, on-page SEO and behavioral/mobile signals make up about 30% of overall ranking factors. Another 45% is made up of external factors, like directory listings, links, reviews, and social signals.
To have an excellent SEO strategy, here’s what you need:

  •      A responsive website with engaging content.
  •      Accurate and up-to-date directory listings.
  •     A significant number of reviews on a variety of sites, such as Google, Yelp, and Healthgrades.
  •      Active and engaging social media accounts.
  •      Links to your website from other business websites (directories, educational institutions, etc.).

#3: Call Uptick Marketing to Help Your Practice Get Found!

Here at Uptick, we’re experts when it comes to digital marketing – and we can help your dental practice climb the Google rankings, get found by local patients, and bring in new business. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to start a conversation about getting better results for your practice.

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