3 Internet Marketing Tips for Industrial and Manufacturing Companies

When it comes to marketing, the manufacturing and industrial sector is totally different from any other type of business. Your skills and expertise aren’t always easy to explain to someone who’s not in your industry, and buyers can be tough to find. Plus, there’s the sales process, which can be lengthy and tedious.
Throw in the fact that many manufacturers market themselves the exact same way and use the exact same language, and it’s hard for a buyer to tell them apart.
So how can you rise above your competition and reach the people who are actively looking for your products?
We’ve got 3 tips for Internet marketing for industrial and manufacturing companies that are sure to put you steps ahead of your competitors.

#1: Become a Top Search Result

People typically need to come across your brand 7-10 times before they are ready to buy. For business-to-business industries, that number is usually doubled. That’s why it’s so important to be in front of your prospective clients consistently – so that when they’re ready to buy, your name is the one they remember.
When you Google your product or service, does your company’s name hit the top of the results? Or do you find yourself closer to the bottom, or – even worse – on page two, where you’ll never be found?
In order to be at the top of the search results, you need a few things:

  • A responsive, engaging website with high-quality, regularly updated content.
  • Accurate and updated directory listings.
  • Great reviews on Google and other sites.
  • Social media accounts that educate, inform, and engage.
  • Links to your site from other business sites, like educational institutions and directories.
  • An effective local SEO strategy that boosts you to the top of local search results.

#2: Create Content that Speaks Volumes

Posting a blog once every six months doesn’t do anything for you, and neither does posting a hundred blogs a month that don’t say anything of value. In order to establish awareness, build trust, and earn yourself a spot at the top of the Google search rankings, your content needs to be unique, high quality, and valuable to the people reading it.
Are you considered the expert in your industry? You could be, with some great blog content. The more excellent information you put on the web, the more respected you’ll be in your industry, which means more prospective clients will choose you over the competition.
The key, though, is making sure your content is the very best it can be – because poor content makes you seem like anything but an expert.
Things that make content better include:

  • Eye-catching images (pictures, diagrams, charts, etc.)
  • Statistics, especially as they relate to performance
  • Video clips
  • Links to other informative sections of your website
  • Clear organization with each major message broken out into its own section
  • Bolded headers and sub-headers to allow people to quickly skim

Above all, talk more about the benefits of your product from the customer’s perspective than the product itself. You need to explain why this product is useful and how it solves a problem the buyer has.

#3: Embrace the Power of Video

One of the best things you can do to market your company is use videos.
People love videos. Videos deliver far more interaction than anything else – text, images, etc. You can create videos that highlight your product and how it works, but you can also take people on tours of your facility and see how it all happens. Technical videos that break a product down so anyone can understand it – while highlighting the advantages of the product – are fantastic assets.

Find Professionals Who Understand Industrial Marketing

Not all manufacturers and industrial companies are created equal. Each is unique. But, you need to work with a provider who understands how to handle the challenges of marketing businesses like yours.
At Uptick, we understand the complexities of your business and what you need to reach the next level of success. Our team specializes in manufacturing and industrial companies, and everything we do is 100% measurable, which provides tangible results for you.   
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