3 Ways to Convert More Visitors through Blogs

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Blogs have multiple benefits for business websites, like improved Google search rankings, customer education, and more. But turning people into consistent blog readers is a little harder to do than just getting them to click on one blog – and even if you get someone to subscribe to your blog, chances are they won’t stick around too long unless you give them a good reason to do so.
Here are three ways to convince people to keep reading your blog – and ultimately, to become a paying customer.

#1: Choose Great Topics – and Great Titles

We all know that we should be writing about interesting stuff related to our industry, but what about beyond that?
The chances of someone clicking on a blog post that doesn’t have an engaging title are slim to none, so one of the most important parts of this is choosing a great headline for each blog.
A great title should do at least one of the following:

  • Be measurable (i.e. “7 Steps to Great Digital Marketing Strategy”)
  • Carry a sense of urgency
  • Be relevant to the audience you’re trying to reach
  • Contain useful information
  • Provide specific, concrete takeaways
  • Be a digestible length (this will vary based on the topic, but don’t use a lot of fluff)

If you’re providing great content with a clickable headline, you’re much more likely to see visitors convert on your blog.

#2: Use Social Media Well

Believe it or not, most of your prospective clients are not going to casually wonder if your business website has a blog, and then go look for it themselves.
They’re going to hear about it on social media.
As soon as your educational, intriguing blog post goes live, put it on all your social platforms. Use hashtags and keywords that will help people find it – and don’t be afraid to recycle it every so often. You worked hard on that blog – make sure it gets in front of people more than once!

#3: Focus on Pain Points

People like for you to solve their problems, and that means blogging about pain points. Ask yourself what problem(s) your customers are trying to solve. Whatever it is, that problem – and anything related to it – can become a great blog post.
One way to really get a handle on pain points is to think about the frequently asked questions you receive. Each of those questions could be a whole blog post – and then, when you get that question again, you have a blog to send them that makes you look like the expert.

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