3D Facebook Posts and the Effect on Content Marketing

3D Facebook
Facebook has expanded its content abilities into another dimension – the 3rd dimension, to be exact. Since October, Facebook has added a feature to allow users to post 3D images. Now, they’re looking to expand 3D posting so users can scroll around virtual objects on the screen. So far, companies like Lego, Sony Mobile, and Jurassic World have seemingly mastered the Facebook feature – and for content marketing, this new addition is a huge opportunity. Here’s the scoop.

Not Quite User-Friendly

Facebook added the 3D posting ability via Oculus. Through this technology, you can upload 3D images that are supported by the industry-standard glTF 2.0 file format. While Facebook’s uploading process is fairly easy, you’ll still need a bit of technical know-how to actually create the 3D images. For someone who may only be self-taught in Photoshop, creating a 3D image may be a daunting task.

Perfect for Showcasing Products

For a company that sells products rather than providing a service, 3D posting is a dream come true. If you‘re responsible for social media at a company that sell products, how often is it that you’re uploading a picture and trying to add a caption that best describes the product? Not everyone can come to your store or headquarters to touch and feel your products. Sometimes a 2D picture and description just doesn’t do a product justice.
Facebook’s update allows 3D images to be so detailed that even the texture of an object can be determined through these posts. The update also allows users to have a 360-degree view of the images, so your customers will be able to have a virtual store experience – right on Facebook.

Uptick Is Up to Date on All the Social Media Updates

Companies like Facebook are constantly updating and adding features for their users. If you’re not social media savvy, these updates might pass right over your head. You may even be missing out on opportunities to reach your current customers and sell to new customers. Let us learn about the new trends and implement them into your marketing plan for you! If you’d like to learn more about our digital marketing services, contact us today.

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