The 4 Types of Social Media Users

social media users
It’s the year 2018, and social media reigns supreme. Almost everyone is on at least one platform, and most are on multiple! Whether you’re a Facebook groupie, a Twitter fanatic, or an Instagram photographer – chances are, you tend to see certain similarities amongst the users you cross paths with daily. A recent study by the International Journal of Virtual Communities and Social Networking has narrowed down social media users to 4 basic categories: Relationship Builders, Selfies, Town Criers, and Window Shoppers. Take a look here, and see if you can find yourself in one of these groups!

Relationship Builders

These are the people that Mark Zuckerberg envisioned when thinking about the future of Facebook. Relationship Builders do exactly what it sounds like: they use social media platforms to stay connected with family and friends, and maybe even make some new ones! These users tend to post often and don’t shy away from the comment section of other users’ posts.


Similar to Relationship Builders, Selfies post often. The key difference, though, is that most posts tend to be about themselves. They use social media as a personal log, and have drawn the ire of plenty who find the Selfies selfish. However, the Selfies are here to stay – and we say, use your social media accounts however you want!

Town Criers

These users are not ones to shy away from controversy. Whatever hot topics are being debated at the moment, you’re sure to see some opinions on these profiles. They don’t care whether you agree or disagree, and are not even necessarily looking for a discussion in the comments. You’ll love some and you’ll hate some, but regardless, they’re a social media mainstay.

Window Shoppers

These are the users who have an account, but are rarely seen posting, commenting, or even liking. They are the people-watchers of social media, and have no problem missing out on the action. Many Window Shoppers tend to use social media because they feel like it’s an obligation, or they just have no interest in discussions.

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