5 Digital Marketing Myths Busted

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Myth #1: Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work for Every Industry

The well-known notion that social media offers no benefit for B2B business is so widespread that people no longer second guess it. While every social media platform doesn’t work for every single industry, social media can be leveraged for any industry. And that’s the key to using social media, even for industrial and other B2B companies. You’ll know which channel is right for your industry by identifying which one is both used most by your ideal clientele and stands as the best match for your company in general.

Myth #2: SEO Is Dead

SEO is the very opposite of dead. In fact, it’s as alive as anything can be online. Google is constantly changing and revamping its algorithms, which means SEO not only still exists, but needs to be a huge part of your site, even down to the bare bones. Modern SEO is an absolutely vital piece of today’s digital marketing and the very means by which you do or don’t get found online. The continual changes that happen with Google only mean that your SEO game must be moving along with it, too.

Myth #3: I Don’t Need to be Online as Long as My Competitors Aren’t

While it is more common for smaller business, transitioning into digital marketing for the first time can be intimidating and difficult since it’s not the traditional way marketing has been done for decades.
That said, not changing with the times on account of your competition not changing with the times is unwise. It’s actually a perfect opportunity to jump ahead of them and make yourself known to your customers, where they are—online. The modern buying cycle involves a person finding out or searching for an item or service, and then immediately searching the web high and wide for all possible information on that product or service, and the people who offer it. In fact, customers expect you to have at least a website and social media when they do find out about you. If you aren’t there when that inevitable search happens, then you’ll continuously miss out on countless business opportunities. Take the steps necessary to invest in digital marketing and see just how it will change your business for the better.

Myth #4: By Default, Mobile Doesn’t Drive Conversions

Mobile user experience and desktop user experience are different. And that truth may be something to stop simply accepting and start doing something about—if you’ve noticed that your mobile users aren’t converting. People want simplicity, whether on desktop or mobile, but more so on the latter. That means that while a streamlined checkout process on your site’s desktop version is a must, you can’t just duplicate it for mobile. Find a professional who understands the ins and outs of a responsive site, and have them create a seamless checkout experience for your customers to see the conversions increase.

Myth #5: Negative Reviews are Detrimental to Your Sales and Marketing

Digital word-of-mouth seems to be all the rage with consumers and the origin of nightmares for a company, if said company doesn’t understand the full scope of digital marketing. With reviews being a cornerstone of digital marketing and the very thing that causes many people to buy or not to buy a product or service, they are indeed important. However, seeing a bad review pop up on your site or Yelp listing isn’t the end of the world—it’s an opportunity. When this happens, and let’s face it, it will eventually, you have the chance to let your customer service shine. Reply to the person, meet any needs necessary and make them feel listened to and cared for. That’s how you not only bounce back, but bounce back strongly in the face of trial. Plus, you can look at bad reviews as a method of quality control; you are getting free feedback on what to improve. Make a habit of replying, taking care of your customers and making necessary changes, and your company will reap the benefits. Google rewards this handsomely.

We Can Help!

Of course, there are many, many other myths in the realm of digital marketing, but these are by far some of the most popular ones. Need help with any of your digital marketing needs? Uptick Marketing is here to help! Contact us here.

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