5 Great Halloween Costumes for Work

Dressing up for Halloween when you work in a place like the Uptick Marketing office is pretty easy, because our crew is as laid back as it comes! But if your office isn’t quite so devil-may-care, pulling off a great costume can be hard. You want to be creative, but not inappropriate. You want people to realize you’re dressed up, not wondering why you put on so much makeup today. So how can you embrace the Halloween spirit without freaking out your coworkers with a bunch of fake blood dripping down your forehead?
Here are some ideas that will be more fun, less freaky – and you probably have everything you need in your closet already.

#1: Liz Lemon from 30 Rock

If you’re looking to be comfortable, this costume is a great option. Jeans, t-shirt, and a jacket? You can’t go wrong!
What you need:

  •      Knit shirt with horizontal stripes
  •      Jeans (secretly made by Halliburton)
  •      Jacket or hoodie
  •      Glasses
  •      Wavy hair
  •      Some kind of food in your hand (cheese is your best bet)

#2: A Mad Men Character

For this one, you get to go totally retro! Embrace the 60s and dress up as Don Draper, Joan Holloway, or any of the other employees / wives.
What you need:

  •      Suit / short dress
  •      Skinny tie / long necklace
  •      Hair greased and combed back / hair styled into a bob
  •      Fake cigarette

#3: Kate Middleton

Admit it: you’ve always wanted to dress up like a modern princess. (Yes, I know she’s technically a duchess, but “princess” is more fun.)
What you need:

  •      Chic dress or skirt suit
  •      High heels
  •      The most fabulously long, wavy blowout imaginable
  •      Sparkly earrings and necklace
  •     Fascinator

#4: Dr. Who

Geronimo! Who doesn’t want to be a Time Lord for a day? This costume depends on which Doctor you’re emulating, so for the sake of argument, we’ll go with the 11th Doctor (that’s Matt Smith).
What you need:

  •      White dress shirt
  •      Dark dress slacks
  •      Tweed jacket
  •      Bow tie (because bow ties are cool)
  •      Dress shoes and dark socks
  •     Sonic screwdriver

#5: Blair Waldorf or Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl

Depending which season we’re talking about, you’ll either want a prep school look or just the most expensive-looking clothes you can find. For the sake of this article, we’ll go with the earlier seasons.
What you need:

  •      Prep school uniform (dark skirt, white shirt, knee socks, and feminine bow tie for Blair; khakis, pale yellow dress shirt, navy blazer, and striped tie for Chuck)
  •      Some good accessories (Blair wears a lot of headbands, and Chuck wears this scarf)
  •      A superior expression / smirk

Uptick’s Got You Covered!

We’re not just creative when it comes to costumes – we can figure out all kinds of solutions for your business marketing, too! Contact us today to find out more!

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