5 Metrics to Understand When Determining Digital ROI

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If you’re trying to sift through your digital marketing analytics to figure out what is actually happening, the question has probably crossed your mind: What in the world does all this stuff mean?
Don’t worry! Yes, it can be confusing, but you can also break it down so that it’s easier to digest. Let’s take a look at five metrics you can look at right now to determine what’s happening with your digital marketing efforts.

#1: Cost Per Lead

Is your website gathering leads for your salespeople to close? Then it’s important to know how much each of those leads is costing you. In order to be profitable, each lead should cost less than what you gain by closing it. If the reverse is true, you may be looking at a negative ROI.

#2: Lead Close Rate

Many people track their lead closes offline, which doesn’t offer a clear picture of the data. It’s fine to track this offline, but you need to know how many leads are being closed vs. how many are generated. Understanding this, plus the stat from #1, will allow you to calculate your Cost Per Acquisition by dividing marketing costs by number of sales generated.

#3: Blog Click-Through Rates

We all know that blogging does wonders for your overall strategy, but where is that traffic going? Are people bouncing quickly, or are they sticking around for a while? Include 3-4 links in your blog post that go to other blog posts or other pages on your site that would be helpful to someone who was interested in what they were reading. Even a small increase in blog click-throughs can mean a lot more business for your company!

#4: Landing Page Quality

Are your landing pages driving conversions, or are they just sitting there gathering dust while potential customers bounce off of them at warp speed? Look for pages that aren’t contributing and consider the best course of action for each one. Should it be made over? Should it be deleted? Or is the page itself fine, but the marketing behind it isn’t?

#5: Conversion Rates

Of course it’s helpful to know where your traffic is coming from, but at the same time, there’s another step you need to take: conversions. The best way to look at this is to measure conversions by channel and by device. Are you getting double the conversions on PPC than from organic? Are conversions weirdly low for mobile devices? Knowing these stats can help you put your money where it needs to go so that your conversion rates climb higher and higher.

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