5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Pay-Per-Click Advertising Agency

pay-per-click advertising agency
Looking for a reputable Pay-Per-Click advertising agency? It can be tough to know where to start! Fortunately, Uptick is here for you. Let’s take a look at five tips that can help you determine who’s a good choice–and who’s not.

#1: They Are Google-Certified Pay-Per-Click Advertising Agency

When hiring a Pay-Per-Click Advertising agency, it is extremely important to vet the company you are considering. One major qualifier in ensuring an agency is a great pick is finding out whether or not they are Google Partner Certified. This certification by Google guarantees that the company knows what they are doing, in way of properly managing adword accounts.
If you decide to go with a company who is not certified, you will likely find yourself paying more for clicks and receiving lesser results. In order to become an Adword Certified Professional, these individuals must pass extensive exams and meet strict standards.
With the world of online marketing changing day-by-day, it’s vital that Google Reps reach out often to their certified agencies to help them stay on top of what’s new with Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Hiring a company that is not certified means they may be a bit in the dark with the latest changes in the field.

#2: They Consult with You to Build a Strategy

A solid PPC agency will consult with you regularly. They are goal-oriented and attention to detail is second nature in their daily process. Further, communication expectations should be discussed.
Communication is undeniably key in any relationship – even with your Pay-Per-Click Advertising agency. With open communication comes a slew of benefits. During the discovery process of meeting and vetting an agency, you will need to discuss the company’s normal policy on touchpoints and how often they’ll be reaching out to you. If your expectations don’t align here – and a compromise is not easily established – they may not be the company for you.
Regular consultation and open communication allow you to relay your business’ core values and goals effectively to your Pay-Per-Click Advertising agency; this should be highly important to them. They need to understand all of the following: who you are, your goals/objectives, and how you are different than your competition. This will help them set up a strong campaign that will move the needle for your business.
Bonus tip: once they have everything set up and running, you should be given full control over your account. Some companies hold their clients hostage by refusing to give them access. If this is the case with an agency you’re considering, it’s best to move on.

#3: They Increase Your ROI and Handle Your Money with Care

Just like with any company that you outsource to, an increase in ROI is not only hoped for, but expected – especially when you are outsourcing to experts. Finding the right fit for your business can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible; you only need to know what to look for, specifically with a company’s past with other clients’ money.
One solid quality to look for in a prospective Pay-Per-Click Advertising agency is that they treat a client’s’ money and budget as if it were their own. Are they charging you for their most expensive service/packages, i.e. bidding on costly ad spots that show up for words people are not often searching for? Or are they doing to research beforehand to find the best and most effective opportunities for your business that are certain to make a significant difference?
If outsourcing something that could either be a huge spend and waste of your money, or the very cause of an increase in traffic and business, it’s vital to choose an agency whose integrity precedes them.

#4: They are Experts in Their Trade with a Solid Track Record and a Strong History

Selecting a company for your outsourcing needs can take time, but it’s worth it, as it can be the means by which your business meets its next goal. You’ll want to choose an agency that values integrity, thoroughly researches everything necessary before diving in headfirst, and has experienced employees working on each element of the process (so that their focus is skilled and undivided). Additionally, an ideal digital marketing agency drives their actions by the metrics, or the data from your Google Analytics; this allows for intentional steps to be taken for increased ROI.
One other element that could mean the success or failure of one’s PPC campaign(s) is daily management. Without it, your ROI will plummet and you’ll be wasting money, rather than profiting from your spend. A solid Pay-Per-Click Advertising agency will have an expert daily checking in on your analytics, doing continual keyword research, discerning the best bidding options for your budget and business, and any additional management that will yield increasingly better results. Further, the agency should be noting all of this information and relaying it to you during regular, scheduled meetings or phone calls each week and/or month.

#5: Their Knowledge Stretches Beyond Just PPC

It would not be unwise to hire an agency that is made up of experts in many other fields of the digital marketing world. That way, you are getting more value for your dollar. This matters because many online marketing services contain facets of other online marketing services; having a company with experts in each field makes for a seamless and thorough experience for both parties, and more solid results for you.

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