5 Tips for Better Content Marketing for Your Business

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Let’s face it, content is king. It has been king for a while and will continue to reign for the foreseeable future. Why? Because content proves to do a great job of driving people to your website, educating your target audience, and inevitably helping to build trust so that they choose your products and services when they make their buying decision.
However, you cannot simply throw any type of content online and expect incredible results. So we’ve created some key tips to help you improve content marketing for your business.

#1: Stop Being So Brief. Share the Details!

Sure, there’s a lot of content online and that logically means you should keep your online articles short and to the point, right? Wrong!
Studies show that long, in-depth posts are the ones that are more likely to go viral. In fact, word count was the most important factor when it comes to whether or not people share your content. It’s simple, your content cannot go viral unless it’s shared.
Therefore, don’t be so brief! Beef up your content. Go into detail about what you’re talking about, better educating your target audience and improving the length of your posts. Doing so will help improve the likelihood that your posts will be shared, which increases the chances that your content will go viral.

#2: Stop Being a Robot. Be Human!

internet marketing agency birminghamThis tip is relatively simple – be real. Be authentic. Be human. So often people get so wrapped up with producing content that reads more like a textbook.
If you really want to encourage your audience to share and engage with your content, then it’s time to be human. How? Evoke emotion!
Use your content to evoke emotions – anger, anxiety, awe, or any other type of real emotional response from your target audience. When people react emotionally to your content, they share it!

#3: Stop Creating Fluff. Be Helpful!

Educational Content CreationThe ultimate goal of content marketing is to educate your target audience and garner trust. The only way to gain trust is by providing free, helpful, and useful content.
If you’re just sharing fluff (which let’s face it – most people are only sharing fluff these days), then it’s time to stop!
Your job is to use content marketing to help your target audience. In order to do that, you simply have to share useful, informative content. And yes, it has to be free!

SEO birmingham al#4: Stop Taking Yourself so Seriously. Be Funny!

This ties in heavily with being human. Do not be afraid to be funny! It is okay to make your target audience laugh – that, too, evokes emotion.

When it comes to creating content for your business, try to mix up the informative content with satirical or humorous articles, pictures, or videos. Be funny – it goes a long way at encouraging people to like your content, which translates into them actually liking your business.
People do business with companies they like.

#5: Stop Being Afraid. Be Provocative!

Stop being afraid to share your beliefs – it is okay to be provocative sometimes!
Be Controversial Regardless of your political beliefs, there is a reason that Donald Trump is getting so much media attention right now – he is being provocative. Whether people like him or hate him one thing is certain – his beliefs are being shared!
Be willing to step outside of the confines of what you “should” or “should not” say online and take a leap. Be bold. Be rebellious (obviously, without putting your business in jeopardy and without being ignorant, insensitive, or harming your business’s brand).
There is no doubt that controversial, provocative content gets shared!

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