5 Top SEO Practices You Should Be Doing

The world of digital marketing hosts a wide array of services available to clients. And as a client, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through service pages on marketing professionals’ websites and discover what is actually important to your business.
We SEO’s are passionate about the fact that SEO is a crucial element to all marketing campaigns. If a company dedicates time, money, and energy into PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns or Facebook ads, it’s important that return users can organically search for your brand and website and actually find you.
In the end, it all comes down to Google’s ranking factors and working with the vague tips Google has given us over the years to try and influence rankings.
Here’s the rundown of the top SEO practices you should be utilizing:

Link Building

Social Media Today calls it “the most important skill in SEO” and the effects of diverse, white-hat link building makes a huge impact. It is important to first create a link-building strategy based on your website’s current backlink portfolio and overall linkable presence. Google is sensitive to any kind of spammy or black-hat link building, so working with professionals who know how to build links properly is incredibly important.


We’ve all been there before. We see a brand we like via a TV commercial, Instagram post, Facebook ad, or even just hear it by word-of-mouth. We search for them from the comfort of our mobile devices and their site is so outdated it’s almost unnavigable. Ensuring the mobile user-friendliness of your site greatly impacts your SEO value and makes it easier to see a higher number of mobile conversions (feel free to test your current site mobile friendliness here).

Voice Search

Social Media Today also remarks that “in 2018, more focus is on voice search to bring traffic to your site.” This will change the type of long-tail keywords used and SEO approaches taken with the increased use of assistant devices like Siri and Alexa.”
Voice search is an interesting and new development to SEO that smart digital marketers and business owners alike will keep tabs on.


Consistent and original: two words that guide the world of content creation. Google has often nodded to the importance of content in ranking factors. We know that Google pays close attention to on-site content, ensuring black-hat SEO practices and spammy content cannot influence rankings or domain authority. Creating relevant and unique copy is a huge move toward a better ranking position and boosts your overall SEO presence.
As with all marketing strategies, a satisfying and healthy user experience is crucial. Analyzing page speed and optimizing search greatly impacts your overall SEO presence, connecting the dots between shoppers and buyers.
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