5 Ways Your Company Can Effectively Use Video Marketing

video marketing
When it comes to marketing—even just digital marketing—there are a myriad of different options available out there. Depending on your company’s goals, personality, audience and other factors, what kind of marketing you should choose varies. Possible options include, but are not limited to: email blasts, social media advertising, blogs, whitepapers and so much more.
One other medium that has taken marketing to the next level within the digital realm is that of video. Video marketing can be used in multiple ways. We will discuss 5 of those here.


A great way to capture your audience’s attention is with webinar videos. This is a great method to use when you want to provide content to your viewers in a way that keeps them engaged—especially when there may be a large amount of content. For example, most people would rather watch a 12-minute video of education, rather than read an educational article that would take the same amount of time.  
Webinars come in a few different forms, including an educational session, a demonstration, an exhibition or even an opportunity for dialogue. These are often consistently advertised to the desired audience in a multitude of ways—from blogs to audio clips—leading up to the live event. Then, if some aren’t able to tune in during that planned time slot, a webinar can easily be archived as a video post or the like so that they have the option to come back and watch later.
These webinars are a great tool in the online sphere because they give you more leeway with an audience as far as a larger amount of content and a bigger chunk of their time. They especially grab the attention of the younger and up-and-coming groups who find great appeal already in this type of communication.
Just like other forms of content, Google and other search engines will see webinars as valuable content, and you could very well see your rankings on search increase as you become recognized as a thought leader in video marketing.

The Implementation of Animation

Animation is a unique and powerful method of video marketing. Just look at Disney, a brand that is known far and wide, and you’ll see a long-lived form of communication and marketing lives on.
This particular medium allows a company to communicate their message in ways that can’t be done live. For example, you can make an infographic or an inanimate object come to life in order to explain something or prove a point that couldn’t otherwise be explained. It easily brings fun and excitement into an otherwise difficult or boring topic so that the consumer can understand and be engaged.
It not only helps engagement, but it also causes your audience to remember you much more easily than they might have with a static social media advertisement piece. With animation, you can accomplish many different goals, varying from introduction to a new targeted audience, general awareness of new products, services or even a fun history lesson on your company’s timeline—the options are endless!
Lastly, animated video marketing has proven to grab the attention of many more people and for a more consistent, longer period of time. Studies and analytics show that conversions are drastically increased upon the implementation of video marketing, specifically those with animation. This means that you’ll be soaring up the rankings list in no time!

Why to “How To!”—Tutorials

Have a product or service that customers have a lot of questions about? Tutorials are great ways to meet your audience where they are! By creating videos of you showing the customer how to do something with your product, you put the power in their hands—and the likes on your page! It’s an easy way to provide educational content that your visual learners will thank you for. If there is a way to make any part of your customer’s buying process simpler, do it. Video marketing with tutorials is a great way to invite viewers to get to know your product, as well as help those who have already purchased it.
One other benefit to creating tutorial videos is how short they can be. People love going to a good “how-to” video to get the answers they are looking for, plus they have the freedom to skip around the video as well as play and pause as they like, since it’s not a live event like a webinar.
Finally, there is the huge perk in tutorial video marketing of increasing your Google search metrics. Your audience that is engaging in this type of content will likely have several questions about your product, service or industry, so the more that they see your company popping up in their “how-to” searches, the more they will trust your brand and keep coming back to you as you stay top-of-mind.

Video Marketing with Testimonials

Every company that is out there marketing itself is doing so to sell its products and/or services, as well as its brand. Everyone knows this, along with the fact that marketing dollars aren’t going to go toward what the company isn’t that great at. Instead, they go to informing the consumer of what they are best at and how they can make life better for their target audience.
All that said, testimonials are a crucial piece to include in your marketing, specifically in video marketing. Having people leave written reviews is helpful, but uploading a video of actual customers that have used your products or services and are praising you for their experience takes it to the next level. This is due to human interaction—the way we can engage with seeing their body language, facial expressions and hearing their vocal fluctuations. This makes for a genuine, real feel for the viewer, and will build a great deal of trust and rapport.

The Power of the Interview

Interviews are a great way to let your audience know that your company is legitimate and endorsed. When they see their favorite and most well-known thought leaders, or even just happy customers who are willing to promote you, they will more than likely begin building a trust in your brand. Authenticity plays a huge and important role in video marketing in a world filled with staging and comparison. It’s that authenticity that will not only draw your target audience in, but keep them captivated for more. Being genuine through and through will always pay off. Plus, when you are being genuine and you are interviewing a trusted influencer who is endorsing what you do or provide, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Let Us Help with Your Video Marketing!

Video marketing is basically non-negotiable in the world we live in today. With the vast majority of your audience online and on social media, and with such a large preference of video over traditional marketing or even text, it is important that your company dives in if you haven’t just yet. These 5 types of video marketing can be used to help garner awareness for your brand, to properly engage your target audience and successfully communicate your company’s message in a nicely packaged medium.
Doing these things consistently within the medium of video marketing makes for a build-up of trust from your customers to your company—and that is priceless.
Need help with video marketing and don’t know where to start? Uptick can help! Contact us today and see how our expert team can make a difference in your business today.

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