5 Ways to Conquer Marketing Through the Holidays

holiday marketing
Like any other activity, marketing can be a stressful task during the holiday season. Marketing the same way that you do during the year could possibly cause you to miss opportunities to gain new customers — and that would put a damper on anyone’s festivities! Read these tips to learn how to conquer marketing through the holidays.

1 ) Prepare Early

You should have already begun preparing months ago. Preparing early is the best way to conquer marketing through the holidays. Prepare your ads and social media posts beforehand so you don’t feel rushed. If possible, create scheduled posts so there’s no hassle. The earlier you prepare, the fewer opportunities you’ll miss.

2 ) Test Retargeting

The holidays is a great time to test retargeting campaigns if you aren’t already. Your business could possibly benefit from targeting customers that have visited your site or left items in their online shopping cart. These customers could be looking for gifts during the holiday season. An ad from your business could persuade them to buy from your company.

3 ) Email Marketing

If you have a list of buyers who might be ready to come back to your company’s website, the holiday season is the time to email them! This is a great opportunity to leverage your holiday promotions and, of course, use great holiday-related content to entice people to shop.

4 ) Holiday Upgrade

Make sure your website and other content is holiday-themed. You don’t have to be obnoxiously cheerful, but no one wants to buy from a Scrooge. If your ads are festive, then all your potential customers that are in the same festive mood might want to buy from you. A touch of green and red or even a few candy canes would do your company some good.

5 ) Deals. Deals. Deals!

During this season, everyone is looking for a good deal. Some shoppers have a list full of people to shop for. Your company could be their go-to if you offer the right deal.

No Matter the Season, Uptick’s Got You Covered

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