5 Ways You Aren’t Utilizing Your Google+ Page

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There are a lot of platforms out there, with Google+ being one of the many. Due to a variety of factors, not a lot of people are actually utilizing Google+ the way it was intended. However, failing to have a Google+ local page and updating it frequently can ultimately minimize your search engine optimization efforts.
Your Google+ local page can help you rank higher in local searches. To utilize your page to it’s fullest potential there are some steps you have to follow.
Below are some best practices you may be failing to do that can turn your Google+ business page into an asset!

You Don’t Post Regularly

Google rewards those who stay active on their Google+ local page. Posting regularly shows Google that you are a vibrant business that is relevant and can be trusted.
A page with no posts could belong to a company that is no longer around. Google wants to help make sure those doing local searches can find companies that are still open and doing business. Therefore, updating your page regularly help you in local search results.
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You Have Incorrect Information

It’s very important to make sure you have the correct business information on your Google+ local page. This means that your business name, phone number, address, and all other information should be consistent across all platforms (your website, social media profiles, directories, etc.).
Consistently helps to build Google’s trust in your company. Trusted companies rank higher in search results, so it is a good idea to do an audit to check for consistency across each profile on your business throughout the Internet.
For example, if you call you business “Bob’s Car Garage” on your website, use that same designation everywhere. Don’t call it “Bob’s Car Garage, LLC” on Google+. This discrepancy can cause your information to appear inconsistent, which will make Google read these two names as completely different companies. In short, all of your information should be exactly the same for best results!

Your Business Description is Too Short

Your Google+ local page offers a place for you to write a description of your business. This is not the time to simply type in your company slogan. You want to write a business description that is at least 200 words in length.
Also, you will want to use keywords in this description to help Google understand exactly what your business is about. A full description with keywords will help potential customers know more about your products and services.
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You Haven’t Posted Any Pictures

Google rewards businesses for posting pictures on their Google+ local pages. Once again, this action shows Google that you are an active business. You can add a profile photo, which should be different from your company logo. There is separate space for your company logo.
You can add a cover photo that tells about the services or products you offer and has a call-to-action. Then, you can also add photos of your business. It’s good to have a picture of the outside of your business and a few of the inside.
Another benefit of adding photos is that potential customers love to see photos and find out as much as possible about your business before they visit. In short, photos are great for showcasing your company.
Learn more about Google’s New Photo Albums in one of our recent blogs to take full advantage of this new feature.
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You Haven’t Responded to Comments or Reviews

Consumers now have access to a public forum to voice their opinion of your service, thanks to the Internet. How you respond to their comments and reviews can have a major impact on your business and your search results.
People like to know that their concerns are being taken seriously. A little bit of grace can go a long way in dealing with customer complaints. Never argue online. Even if you are in the right, it portrays your business in a negative light. Therefore, make sure you respond with poise and in a manner that will make others choose your company in the future, despite the negative review.
Furthermore, respond when people praise you. Let them know that you appreciate their kind remarks and you value their business. Thanking a customer who speaks well of you online will foster customer loyalty from them and will show potential customers that you make customer satisfaction a priority.
Plus, Google likes it when you take the time to reply to reviews about your business; therefore, you could ultimately be helping to improve your search rankings at the same time.

Ready to Make Your Google+ Local Page Work for You?

If you need help optimizing your Google+ local page or have any questions about best practices for Google, contact the experts at Uptick Marketing!
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