6 Reasons to Start Using Facebook Business Manager

facebook business manager

Facebook Business Manager—What Is It?

You can probably guess by the name alone that Facebook Business Manager is a tool for businesses’ social platforms, specifically Facebook and Instagram (Facebook owns both). It allows you to manage multiple Facebook pages, business assets, ad accounts, Instagram accounts, product catalogs, and more—all in one place. You’re also able to grant varying levels of access to your employees, which makes delegating tasks easy and secure. 
If you’re an agency, you can link client Facebook pages to your Facebook Business Manager account without linking your and your employees’ personal accounts. It also means that employees can manage your Facebook page without you having to hand over complete ownership of the entire page, or your business’s assets. 
Not convinced yet? Here are six reasons you should start using Facebook Business Manager.

Why You Need It

Keep Things Separate
One of the greatest benefits of Facebook Business Manager is the ability to separate your personal profile from your business’s page. You don’t have to worry about privacy problems, or—possibly the worst thing we can imagine—accidentally posting something meant for your personal profile. You’re probably shuddering at the thought now, or else having a horrifying flashback. 
Keep Things Organized
When you’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, it’s super beneficial to be able to see them all at a glance. Facebook Business Manager lets you manage multiple Facebook ad accounts and multiple Facebook pages, all in one place. You can keep track of all of your ads, as well as your posts’ performances for different pages, all together. 
Keep Things Secure
You always control who gets access. You can share access securely with multiple people—agencies, partners, or vendors, without handing over all your private information, publishing rights, and business assets. 
Keep Things Role-Oriented
Facebook Business Manager also takes access to a whole new level—not only can you choose who gets access, but you can decide how much access your employees get based on their roles. This accessibility significantly simplifies the process of delegating tasks and overseeing what’s getting done, without risking security. 
Keep Things Exclusive
Facebook Business Manager makes a lot of things quick and easy. One of those things is revoking access for employees or clients who no longer work with you. It’s really simple to revoke access for people who have left your organization for one reason or another. Personal profiles aren’t tied to your clients’ Facebook page, so it’s incredibly easy to keep your access list clean and up-to-date. Disgruntled employees might be a thing, but not when it comes to Facebook Business Manager—it’s airtight. 
Keep Things Targeted
You can build different custom audiences for different ad campaigns! This is especially useful for agencies that run ads for multiple clients, and businesses that are targeting different types of audiences. Facebook Business Manager makes it super easy to keep things separate and organized, but still at-a-glance. 
So, you know you need Facebook Business Manager—but how do you use it? Our team at Uptick is always ready to help; all you have to do is reach out.

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