A Digital Marketing Agency Thanksgiving Feast

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When I got to work this morning, my social media partner in crime, Nisha, was craving some Starbucks. That led me to crave Starbucks, and we quickly decided to take a short trip to satisfy our thirst.
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In line at the drive-thru we took note of their new holiday decor, and almost simultaneously, Christmas music began to play on the radio. Initially, the sound of Christmas music excited us.You see, we both love to belt out a good Christmas carol. But, as we thought about it, we started to feel kind of bad for Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving may represent a time in which America thought it was ok to destroy an entire culture of people, but it means well…and let’s be honest, who would vote to get rid of that delicious turkey meal once a year? No one.
So, instead of glossing over Thanksgiving with Christmas lights and music, I thought I’d give Thanksgiving the moment it deserves by taking the time to explain our digital marketing agency jobs to you the most festive way I know how: by comparing us to our favorite Thanksgiving staples.

Let us feast!

marketing agency in Birmingham alPresident – Jason Lovoy – The Turkey

Obviously, the President of any Thanksgiving meal is the Turkey. Without the Turkey, all the surrounding foods would be irrelevant. Similarly, without our president, our jobs wouldn’t exist.

Vice President and Partner – Nicole – The Stuffing

You can have turkey on any occasion, but what makes a Thanksgiving turkey so special, and so important is its stuffing. The right stuffing sets the tone of the meal, just like our VP, Nicole, sets the tone of the office. Thankfully, Nicole makes for a pretty perfect stuffing! 😉

Account Services – Michelle – The Gravy

Our Account Services is handled by Michelle. As Account Services, she has her hand in a little bit of everything, and all of us are happy to work with her. For this reason, Account Services is like the gravy. It spreads itself around your plate and touches all of your food, but you’re never mad about it. Gravy takes your dish to the next level, and Michelle certainly does that for Uptick.

Marketing Consultants – Jamie, Chris, Jerry, Darla, and Joey – The Cornbread

Cornbread is typically the first thing we all indulge in on Thanksgiving. It’s broken apart and shared over good conversation, and it gets our tastebuds ready for the meal ahead. Likewise, marketing consultants are the first people you meet with here at Uptick, and they are who prepare and explain our services to you.

Birmingham Marketing SEO– Lance and Madison – The Green Bean Casserole

Digital marketing relies heavily on behind-the-scenes action. Search Engine Optimization is often overlooked, forgotten or unheard of, but it’s the backbone of a digital marketing agency. Without SEO, we’d have a lot of great ideas, and no one finding them. SEO is like a delicious green bean casserole because, green beans provide some of the only real nutrition in a Thanksgiving meal, and nutrition is a necessity.

Graphic Design – Kelly – The Cranberry Sauce

While it may seem obvious that I have chosen to dub the most colorful food on the plate the Graphic Designer, it’s for good reason. Cranberry sauce makes a plate look exciting and beautiful, and our graphic designer does just that! She makes stunning (and clickable) graphics for all of our clients.

Digital Strategist – Gretchen – The Sweet Potatoes

Our digital strategist, Gretchen, spends her time researching keywords that will make a company’s website stand out on a google search, and creates ads. I like to think of her job as the sweet potatoes because she has to search for the “sweet spot” when it comes to keywords. By finding the perfect keyword, Gretchen knows your ads will be searched for and seen.

Social Media Strategists– Nisha and Jessie – The Dessert

Yes, I wanted Nisha and I to be the dessert, but it makes sense…right? Social Media is designed to get people excited about a brand! Dessert is the food we are most excited to eat. And, while dessert is super fun, it can be incredibly hard to make.
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