An Uptick Retreat

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14 coworkers, 8 cornhole bags, 4 cars, and 1 lake house. Is it the perfect recipe for disaster or an endless amount of fun and team building? The Uptick crew joined together to find the answer to this question, and some would say we found ourselves along the way. Although outside factors like the infamous flu season of 2018 tried to hinder our spirits, we hunkered down while working on all things Uptick.
On the last day of our trip, I noticed that the final bite of my breakfast casserole was a tad bit damper than my previous chews. After further investigating, I realized that a lone tear drop had fallen from my left eye. Could it be that I’ll cherish the moments of our adventure forever? Surely, if I felt this way, so did my Uptick companions. I decided to find out what they enjoyed the most about our journey to Smith Lake. Read on to find out their answers!

Uptick’s Favorite Memories

BJ was quick to respond, proclaiming that his favorite moment was playing a team building exercise called “See, Run, Do.” This game involves one team member looking at an object made of various materials, and attempting to describe the design to second team member. That person then relays the description to the last teammate, who attempts to recreate a similar looking design in another room. As you can imagine, it takes lots of communication! Many Uptick members echoed BJ’s love for this fun activity, including myself.
Another Uptick favorite is Fish Bowl, a game similar to charades with some extra challenges thrown in. Joey’s favorite memory was leading his team to victory through an impressive display of unspoken communication.
In between team-building activities, we played other games that were a little less serious. One of these would be a little doozy called Secret Hitler. In the last game, we discovered that Joey Beachum was the villain of the round, which was Caleb’s favorite moment.
Madison, the most joyous member of Uptick, also enjoyed Secret Hitler, but was more impressed with the Uptick team’s ability to gain lessons out of silly board games. She mentioned how we use each others’ strengths for the betterment of the company, and how cool it was to see that occur – even during the goofy moments.
Nicole, Uptick’s fearless leader, enjoyed having a family environment full of people who actually get along, are knowledgeable about their field, and continue to push for a higher understanding of the rapidly evolving digital marketing industry.
And as for everyone’s favorite social media specialist? Well, my favorite moment would have to be the tacos.

Constantly Improving

As Nicole mentioned earlier, digital marketing is constantly changing. Every new development brings a variety of challenges to take on. Fortunately, we have a team that is not only ahead of the curve, but always looking for ways to provide our clients the best possible service as changes occur. Retreats like our Smith Lake adventure only provide us more opportunities to grow closer and work harder, and I’m personally very happy to work for a company that understands that.
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