At Uptick #SheMeansBusiness

International Women’s Day
Who run the world? GIRLS!
Tbh (to be honest) Beyonce knows what she’s talking about. Women help us form an incredibly fierce, strong, and talented workforce. And what better day to celebrate women than today, International Women’s Day! International Women’s Day is a global day that was established in the early 1900s, dedicated to celebrating the cultural, social, political, and economic achievements of women. And we’re all about it!


Our own company was started by an ambitious woman — a #girlboss, if you will — Nicole Beachum. To those driven dames out there looking to start their own business, Nicole says, “It’s very important that you are committed to working incredibly hard. Starting a business is never a 9-5 job. Running a business is never a 9-5 job. It takes a lot of hard work, commitment, and support from your loved ones in order for it to be successful.”
Additionally, she recommends taking networking seriously. “Who you know truly does matter, especially when it comes to generating business leads.”
Appropriately so, when I asked Joey about a woman who inspires him, he said, “This sounds cheesy and pandering, but my wife, Nicole, honestly inspires me more than anyone else because she is the total sum of what a woman should be.”
Is it cheesy? Yes. Is it also sweet and encouraging? Yes! Because #SheMeansBusiness, and who better to recognize and appreciate that than good ol’ Joey?

Dreamers & Doers

As children, we often aspire to be artists, ballerinas, firefighters, chemists, writers, or… sometimes social media specialists. No? Just me?
Talking to two of our content team ladies about their childhood dreams filled me with pride and happiness. Anne Riley said, “My dream job was to be a writer or an artist because I loved imagining worlds that did not exist. Today, I am one of few people who has actually gotten to be what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I’m so thankful for that!”
Similarly, Kelly is fulfilling her dreams as well! “I am very blessed because I always wanted to be an artist, and I actually got to be one! I was always coloring and creating as a kid, and just couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else!”

Advice for Ladies We Love

As the father of a daughter, Jerry had some simple yet powerful advice. “Do something you love. Money is great, but if you hate your job, your life will be miserable. If you are doing something you love, you will work hard. And the pay will come.”
And one of the fiercest women I know — my office buddy Jessie — said, “My advice to women in the workplace is to find a job/career/hobby that makes you feel empowered and valued every single day (or as much as possible). Actively work with and support your fellow female colleagues – as their success IS your success. Believe that you have something special to offer, and stand strong and resound if and when your convictions are being challenged. Women have an undeniably important role on this planet and that includes in the workplace. Believe in the power of YOU!”

Uptick’s #GirlSquad

I’m lucky, because some of the fiercest, most fabulous women I know are the women I get to work with every day. As Michael so eloquently (and sweetly…I mean cue the awwwww) stated, “When I look at the women that I work with at Uptick, I see women that are perfect examples of role models for integrity, honesty, compassion, and courage. There’s a certain atmosphere that these women are an integral part of that just wouldn’t be the same without them. They constantly work to empower and encourage EVERYONE, even themselves, to achieve at the highest levels. Their lovingness and kindness are infectious, and I couldn’t be happier to be surrounded by such powerful, amazing women.”
And if we weren’t already blushing, Marshall added, “I see confidence in my female colleagues. There is no fear in decision making, and that feeling is echoed in the family nature of our team. Everyone’s voice is heard.”

Have YOUR Voice Heard!

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