Alexander Sverchkov

SEO Specialist

Growing up in Varna, Bulgaria, Alexander was involved in pretty much anything his mom could sign him up for: karate, basketball, dancing, piano, swimming… Are you getting the impression that young Alexander needed an outlet for all of his energy? Because we are, too. There was also a phase in middle school during which Alex and a friend created some reportedly “pretty edgy” comic books. We are told these probably still exist in a dusty box in the back of a closet. Stay tuned for the results of our forthcoming investigation.

As a child, Alex dreamed of becoming a video game developer or a comic book artist. Later in life, those dreams shifted when he took a course in digital marketing that piqued his interest and led him to a position as a Junior SEO. These days, Alex is an integral part of the Uptick SEO team as an SEO Specialist and focuses mostly on Schema markup, rankability factors, and technical considerations.

When he’s not helping our clients optimize their websites with his killer SEO skills (both front end and back end!), he enjoys hanging out with his friends and girlfriend. You can find him enjoying long walks or jogging, playing video games, reading books and manga, and watching movies, as well as console modding (so far he’s touched up a game boy advance and an old PS3 fat model).

Alexander also loves to hang out with his loveable disabled stray cat, Alyonka, who loves to march around his apartment and scream for food. Alex has also stated that he has recently gotten into beetle breeding, but we are afraid to ask for any details around that, so if you want to know more, you will either have to ask Alex directly or spend the rest of your life wondering. Either way, it’s clear that his love of staying busy as a child has carried over into adulthood, and we couldn’t be happier that part of his busy-ness happens with us.

Favorite treat
Favorite place to go for lunch
Any quality burger joint (he can't pick just one)
Fun fact
Alexander caught all 721 Pokémon in Pokémon X/Y for the 3DS and completed the Pokédex and it only took him a mere 400 hours.