Atanas Dzhingarov

SEO Specialist

The third member (and most recent addition) of Uptick’s Bulgaria clan is Atanas. He joins Tsvetan and Alexander to round out Uptick Bulgaria (fun fact: Atanas and Alexander have both worked previously with Tsvetan, but neither at the same time—that is, until now).

A native of Bulgaria, Atanas was born in Gotse Delchev (try saying that five times fast…or even pronouncing it), but his family moved from place to place frequently. Eventually, he completed his grade school years in Veliko Tarnovo (both the historical and cultural capital of Bulgaria and Tsvetan’s hometown).

As a youngster, when he wasn’t on the basketball court, he dreamed of being a number of things, many of them fantasy-related: a wizard, jedi, superhero, and, finally, mad scientist (we’re sensing a theme here). He’d be in good company with Lauren Brown, who has also shared her wish to be an evil witch or troll under the bridge.

You could say his dream of being a mad scientist has played out in some respects: He went to university for psychology (as did Luke) and now works in SEO with a focus on branding and strategy. Atanas knows what it means to pick somebody’s brain—and does it on the daily when building target audience profiles and buyer personas for our clients. That’s what a scientist does, right? We’re marketers so please excuse our ignorance of super sciencey stuff.

When he’s not hard at work (and believe us, he loves burning some midnight oil), he’s probably catching up on the latest television series with his fiancée or hitting the gym (he weight trains 5 times a week, so yea, he lifts).

What Atanas Geeks Out On:
Greek mythology, or any type of mythology really
Weirdest Trivia Fact He Knows:
The brain adds the gaps between words when you listen to someone talk. If you don’t know a language, the brain doesn’t know where to place the gaps, which makes every sentence sound like a single, very long word.
Favorite Snack:
Chocolate muffins. And, yes, plural. He has to fuel his gym time somehow.